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Shoe Creek/CrabTree Falls Novemver 1st, 2003

We had been planning this trip for awhile.  I had done the BB on the XJ and was itching to test it out.  I don't get to wheel as much these days as I used to so I was really looking forward to it.

We started off with 4 vehicles...our XJ (Black), our TJ (Red), Trevor's TJ and Dave's S10.  Dale was supposed to come in his XJ as well but could not make it...oh time.  We had a few others who came along for the ride as well; Chris (a friend from work who came with Dave), Mark and MJ, their daughter Lydia along with her boyfreind and, of course Trevor..  Jen and I left with the TJ & XJ and met up with Chris and Dave here in Richmond.  We then caravaned out to the Waffle House on Rt. 29 in Charlottesville, where we met evryone else for breakfast.  We then all piled into vehicles and started out for the trail.  Mark rode with me, MJ and Lydia rode with Jen, Chris rode with Dave, and Lydia's boyfriend rode with Trevor.  We basically followed GPS all the way to and through the trail.  The way points are at the bottom of this page.

We got to the mouth of the trail (waypoint 100) and stopped to air down (I was the only one who disconnected the front sway bar).  We then proceeded up.  Once we rerached the top (the Appalachian Trail, waypoint 110) we stopped and had lunch.  We then decided to turn around and go back down the way we came in (Chris and Dave did not come down with us, they went out the easy way).

Unfortunatley the pics are quite few.  Jen was taking a photography class so was more focused on getting nature pics (using slide film for the class).  Once she finished, I loaded up print film...but it's real tough to get good action pics when you are lead vehicle and driving.  So there are no pics of the more difficult obstacles that I ran (everyone else wimped out and would go around...Trevor did a few of them though, but he was right behind me.  So I had no time to get pics of him tackling them...DOH!).  Once we get the slides dropped on CD, I'll post them here as well.

The lineup Steve Flex Steve Flex Steve Flex Steve Flex

Trevor Steve Crossing Trevor Crossing Jen Crossing




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