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Shoe Creek/CrabTree Falls March 20th, 2004

At the Waffle HouseAt the Waffle HouseWe had been planning this trip for awhile.  From a personal standpoint I had done quite a few winter mods to both Jeeps - The TJ had gotten lifted, the XJ had gotten full skids and both had gotten MT's and brand new firestick CB antenna's.  In addition, I had a brand new GPS V to play with.  Needless to say Jen and I were looking forward to trying them all out.  We had a good turnout for the trip.  From left to right in this image:  James' TJ (who had just gotten engaged to Megan the night before...Congrats guys!), Trevor's TJ, My (Steve's) XJ, Jen's TJ and Dales XJ.

On the road to the trailLined up, aired down and ready to go! We left the Waffle House (Trevor was actually on time...WOOHOO!) around 9am and all caravaned down Rt 29 to the trail.  At the trail head we stopped to air down and disconnect sway bars.  Since this was James' first real wheeling excursion we also had a mini- drivers meeting to go over the ground rules.  I decided to set the running order as follows:  Me in the lead with Trevor second since he's as crazy as I am.  Next I put Dale with James behind him.  I new Dale would take easier lines than Trevor or I and I wanted James to have someone to follow.  I then put Jen bringing up the rear.  Only Dale, Jen and myself had CB's but we all had FRS's, so FRS was our primary means of communication.

The first photo op was a little off shoot of the main trail that had some nice rocks to flex we did, well Jen and I did anyway.  She obviously wins because of the OME lift....but I've got more pictures of mine!
Steve flexingSteve flexingSteve flexingOK...she wins!

Our next stop was another offshoot of the main trail with a hill climb that is much more intimidating that the photos convey.  We took the majority of our pictures here.  The first shots are Trevors and Dale's excellent parking jobs...Dale's was showing some MONSTOR flex on the stocker...
Trevors parking jobDale on the rockMonstor stocker flex!More monstor stocker flex!

I went up and down quite a few times.  I also took the TJ up...although Jen did so first (the pictures are of Jen taking it...see that tire spin...yeah that's right, she can drive!).  James also took the hill after receiving a little encouragement and some verbal Jeep 101...

Steve hill climbingAnother of Steve hill climbingJen hill climbingJames hill climbing
The next shots are of the "almost rollover" of my XJ in this mini-rockgarden (not the main rock garden, this was another offshoot of the main trail).  I'll be completly honest...I thought it was going over.  It's on video as well.  As soon as I edit it down to a slightly smaller size, I'll post it up here...
Steve in the rocksIt almost went over
The next place we took pictures was at the AT (the highest point of the trail).  We stopped there to eat some lunch and noticed some full size pickups having some problems through some mud ruts on the other we decided to try 'em out.  The pictures are kinda sparse here.
James in the mud rutsSteve after the mud ruts

On the way back down, we hit a lot of the spots that we did on the way up.  James and Megan left a little early due to a previous engagement.  The last shots are a few of Dale going through the car wash towards the end of the trail.

Dale taking a bathDale taking a bathDale taking a bathDale taking a bath

Check out the vid!
Check out the video!

Here's a group shot (Jen took the picture)...FM2CD VA has left the trail!
FM2CD VA has left the trail!


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