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FM2CD VA at Rapidan 07/10/04

Had a lot of fun on this ride...despite a number of disappointments, at least for Dale and I....but first the fun!!! Mr. Green

These pics are from Dales digicam. There will be more pics as I gather them from everyone. GPS trackpoints will also be coming soon as well. First here's all of us airing down at the turnaround that leads into the forest/logging road at around 9:45am.
Airing down

After getting ready we headed up the logging road and turned off into the trail head. We gave the word to drop into 4lo and the word came back over the radio that Vic's t-case lever broke when he tried to get it in...

Here's the offender (that's Vic).
He did it...

Basically the retainer "let go" and the entire lever came out in his hand. rofl Sooooo...we had to tear out his center console to get it back in. It took us about 15 or 20 minutes. Here's me and Vic workin' on it.
Working on a fix.

...and the finished ain't pretty but it functioned.
Trail repair

So then it was onto some trail riding! Here's Dale and James going though some tight, narrow turns.
Dale and James

Then me going up and over a couple of rocks in the trail.

Fun stuff...but here's one of the dissapointments...the pic says it all.
No tresspassing...grrrr!

It HELLA SUCKED! It seems the legal trail got washed out recently (within the last year). We were on a narrow stretch of uphill trail and the no tresspass signs we're at the point where a side trail turned off and dropped down steeply AND we had 6 Jeeps that we now had to get turned around...with no room to do it. pissed

We turned the three lead vehicles around up top. I backed into the side trail as far as I could go (with out sliding down) and let Dale and James get past me. Then I turned out and they turned around the same way. Then we backed the other 3 (Allen, Jen and Vic) down about a 1/8 mile or so to a spot where there was more room.

So we basically came out the way we went in and since it was just after 1pm, we decided to go up to Buzzard Rocks and have a little lunch.


James and Megan
James and Megan

Jen and MJ
Jen and MJ


So you might ask, "Steve, why are you and Dale standing on those big rocks, we thought you were eatin' lunch?!?"
On the rocks? On the rocks?

This would be why...them buzzards sure have a nice view... Shocked
Wow...nice view.

I had to include this pic. That's Vic's kids, Christopher and Sarah. I have decided to give up trail boss duties and turn them over to Christopher...that's how cool a kid he is!
Chrstopher and Sarah

So, we made our way down from Buzzard Rocks and decided to try to head further up the logging road in an attempt tp find our way to the other side of the trail. But the road we thought lead there dead ended (the next disappointment). So we decided to call it a day. Dale and I had planned to hit a Geocache north of the trail system as he had located one of the little yellow Jeeps...he was gonna stash it in a cache in the middle of nowhere. Since we couldn't get through the way we had planned we decided to go around and up Rt664. James and Megan headed out to Megan Grandparents house and Allen and Sandy split the scene as well (I think they went to Outback). Everyone else headed back to Charlottesville where we would meet them.

Well we got about halfway there and...guess what...we dead ended into a hiking trail. Every map Dale had looked at showed it as a road all the way through. So we pulled out the laptop and even though all my TOPO's showed it a thru route, the highways map showed it as a deadend (the ONE map Dale never checked). So that was another disapointment.

Oh well, we drove down to Charlottesville and met everyone for dinner. Despite the disappointments, we did have a lot fun...and that's all that really matters. Wink

Like I said, there will be more pics in a few days as I gather them from everyone...including MONSTER flex shots of the stocker! Here's a poorly exposed teaser...

Monstor stocker flex!


So, once again, FM2CD VA has left the trail!

FM2CD VA has left the trail!



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