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FM2CD VA at Big Levels on Oct 30, 2004


So it was time for our last trip of the year and it was an awesome one. Everyone was looking forward to the trip. Dale and I had done our homework on this one. We went up there on a scouting trip in late July. So we had seen the entire trail and had created our own highly detailed maps from our GPS track logs. The following is the tracklog from this past weekends trip:

We all met up at Shoneys on Rt 340 at 9AM. We had a good turnout for this trip; 8 Jeeps in total. After stuffing our bellies full with an all-you-can-eat-breakfast, we rolled on over to the Super WallyWorld parking lot for a group shot:

From left to right - Vics' XJ, Allens' XJ, Trevors' TJ, Jens' TJ, My XJ, Dales' XJ, Jim & Sherrys' Unlimited, Ricks' TJ.

We then got in order and headed down to Big Levels. The running order was me in the lead with the modded Jeeps behind me, followed by Dale (in the middle) leading the stockers with Allen as our tailgunner. Dale, Allen and myself are the only ones with CB's...the entire group used FRSes for communication. So the three of us could have clear communications with each other, which worked out quite well.

We stopped at a little water crossing about 1.5 miles shy of the trail head to air down and disconnect as well as take our first wheeling pics of the day (Dale took the pics so there's none of him crossing):





Jim & Sherry



We then got back onto Coal Rd and headed down to the trail head (BGLV02 on the map). Once we pulled in, I called out for everyone to go into 4 Lo and guess what?

Yep, he did it again...the T-case lever came right out in his hand. It took about 15 minutes to get the center console out and fix it...the plan is to weld it in this winter so it doesn't happen again. rofl

We then proceeded down the trail and to the first obstacle (BLOBS2 on the map). It had degraded since we were up there in July. Back then it was a simple hill climb. Now it was all uneven and rocky...WOOHOO! So, we got out to let everyone get a look at it.

Then we had at it..basically we let the lifted Jeeps just go for it and then Dale and I spotted the stockers over. There is a bypass, but everyone took the obstacle...good stuff.


Oh no....they say he's got to go....GO! GO! GODZILLA!!! headbang

Trevor. Yes campers...he did go airborne. Hopefully, I've got it on film. Mr. Green



Jim & Sherry



We then continued down the trail to the first split. If you look at the map you can see the split highlighted in yellow. We had planned to take everyone up the more direct way, but once I went about 50 yards in, I realized just how much it had deteriorated. It was totally knarly (aww yea) and not stocker friendly. So we split the group up. The lifted folks followed me and the stockers followed Dale up the longer section, which was a bit easier. We met back up where the trail rejoins...then we went to the overlook:

Good stuff...but now it was lunch time! So we stopped at the clearing where three of the trails converge (BGLV07 on the map) and busted out the coolers. Of course, while the big kids were taking a break from playing...the little kids were unleashed from the Jeeps to play. Smile :

The rest of the trail is pretty easy stuff, a couple of rough spots but nothing that couldn't be handled. There was lots of this though:


After a stop at "the bus" we headed out of the trail system. Damage...let's see: A t-case lever pulled out, an XJ rocker panel pushed in, a busted JKS disconnect, Trevors "Mystery Dent" (it's not really a mystery, he went airborne...twice!) and the obligatory damage shot...I think it's time for me to go flareless:

So let's Godzilla happy?

Oh Yea...that is one happy Jeep right there...

Is our Trail Boss happy?

Well then, it's that time again: FM2CD VA has left the trail! This time we're leaving for 2004. See y'all next year!

Rock On!



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