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Required & Recommended Equipment for Trail Rides
by Derek Smith

Below are the requirements for all vehicles on sanctioned trail rides. This list is by no means complete, but are the MINIMUM requirements needed to ride with us.

1. Valid Driver's License and Proof of Insurance.
2. Fire Extinguisher (1A10BC Dry Chemical).
3. Roll Bar or Steel Unitized Factory Roll Protection Structure. If you have a Jeep, you're set. Extra Roll Bar protection is suggested.
4. Basic First Aid Kit.
5. Tow rope, strap, or chain (Note: Straps and ropes with hooks are not acceptable). As a minimum, straps must be 2" wide, rated for 10,000 pounds, and at least 20' in length. NO HOOKS!
6. Safety belts (one for each occupant).
7. Spare tire, jack, and lug wrench. The stock bottle jack is acceptable if it can raise your Jeep high enough to change out a tire. The spare tire must be within 1" of the diameter of the vehicle tires.
8. Front and Rear tow points. These MUST BE PROPERLY FRAME MOUNTED in one manner or another.
9. A FUNCTIONING 4x4 system. I don't want to get 5 miles down the trail and find out you only have 1 tire that turns.


Below are recommended items for all vehicles on sanctioned trail rides. Again, this list is by no means complete, but are recommended items that will make your trail ride more enjoyable and safer.

CB or Digital (i.e. Motorola Talkabouts or other FRS)

Trash bags
Everyone should be "packing it out" as well as picking up any garbage they see on the trail.

Camera An ultra high speed $2000 camera is discouraged. You will break it. Digital cameras and disposals are encouraged. Bring extra film/disks/batteries with you.

Navigation & Communication
Maps - Road & TOPO
CB & Digital Radios - An external speaker is recommended also
Cell Phone - Spare battery and charger too.

Maglite & 2 sets of spare batteries
Various tools - full socket/wrench sets in standard and metric, screwdrivers, bfh, etc.
Hydralic floor jack
Bottle Jack
Bailing Wire
Duct Tape
Zip ties
Hatchet or Axe
PB Blaster
Safety Glasses
Various Bungie cords
Rope - Small gauge (550 parachute cord) and Heavy (For massive Jeep repair)

Power Inverter
Fuses & Relays
Wire -various gauges
Wire Stripper
Electrical Connectors
Electrical Tape

Recovery Gear
Snatch Block
Straps - tow & snatch
Extra Clevis style shackles
HD Work Gloves
Spotter Line
Rappelling Gear ONLY EXPERIENCED CLIMBERS. In the event of an emergency this gear may be needed to save lives. 2 Harnesses, Biners, Descender, Ascender, ATC, Gloves, Figure 8 etc.

Spare Parts
Belts, hoses, spark plugs, wires, etc.
Spare Tierod assembly
Spare light bulbs
Fluids - Oil, Tranny, Diff, Coolant, Starting
Filters - Air, Oil, etc.

First Aid kit
Spare Fire Extinguisher
Waterproof matches
Emergency Flares

Change of clothes, including spare boots and socks
Foul Weather Gear - Gore-Tex and Fleece with gloves. Pack for the worst weather you can imagine.
Mechanix Gloves

Bottled water, gatorade, food, etc.

Tire Deflators
OBA - Compressor or CO2


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