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XJ Skid Row Lower Control Arm Skid Plate Install

by Steve Leslie

Skid Row Part #D30-LCS

OK, first off, just like the Engine Skid, there are two part numbers for this.  I believe that the other part number is for TJ's with high clearance LCA's…but I'm not sure.  So check before you order, you just need a straight edge.  Click here for an image of exactly what you need to check.

Now, while this install was easy and straightforward…the instructions were not.  These plates fit D30 & 44 front axles on TJ's, XJ's, MJ's and ZJ's, so there was a lot of "IF/THEN/GOTO" statements in the instructions.  I'm just gonna outline what I did to get them on the XJ.

The kit comes with left and right plates, 2 U-bolts, 4 carriage bolts, two "Straps" along with the associated nuts and washers.  The kit also came with a 1/4" Thick washer, which the instructions said I did not need for my application (it's supposed to be used on '03 and up TJ's).  I did the drivers side first, but it doesn't really matter which one you install first.

The first thing that had to be done was to remove the nuts at the LCA's.  The bolts themselves should not have to be removed unless the threads are not facing the wheels  (if the threads are facing inward, you'll have to reverse the bolt).  Simply place the skid over the bolt and reinstall the nut.  Do not tighten the nut at this point.

Slide the U-bolt over the axle on the side of the LCA closest to the wheel, rotate the skid onto it and secure it loosely with the flat washers and nuts.  On the other side (inboard) install the carriage bolts through the plate and into the strap on the other (top) side of the axle.  This time secure it with the lock washers and nuts.  Now just tighten up everything making sure that:
A) There is approximately the same amount of thread showing at both ends of the u-bolts
B) That the skid plate lies flat/true on the axle…you'll have to rotate it around to get it to sit correctly.

Now just tighten up the LCA bolt to torque spec.

That's it…rinse and repeat.

When I took these pictures, I still had not cut the excess bolt off.

Finished product 1
Finished product 2

Finished product 3


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